Monday, January 11, 2010

Gifts of Grace

The Rock - my guide to everything and anything by Him, who ministers to my soul. 

My new teapot from my brother and sweet sister-in-law.  Boy, my tea consumption has grown since Christmas!

Arrangement of a still life - trying to slow down, savor, and make everything I do today intentional.

My daily bread, feasting on God's provisions for me during my quiet time.  Daily.

My weaknesses to be made strong in the Lord - perhaps seeing my weaknesses today as a blessing because when I come to Him on my knees, I make room for His strength.

Meaningful connections with others.

Good health  - O Lord, I am so especially thankful for this gift.  My heart breaks for those fighting sickness, for those that are battling the enemy for their health or the health of a loved one.  Lord, hear our prayer!

God's faithfulness - never ending, never changing, no fine lines.

Beautiful antique tea cups from relatives - I've been using these regularly now.  So fun!

God's glorious, glory-filled glory.  Beautiful!

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